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RAPUNZARELLA WHITE, A Fairly Fractured Tale, by June Rachelson-Ospa and Daniel Neiden


Rapunzarella White is a Bullwinkle-style 70-minute family musical for 8-18 actors. It can be performed to existing orchestrated tracks or a fully arranged score for a pit band.


Synopsis: Hershel, a dwarf known as The Fairy Tailor tells the tale of triplets Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White, born to Queen Millicent (and her slimy Frog Prince who hopped off long ago) and The Fairy Tailor's story comes to life before our eyes:


The young Queen sings a lullaby ("Sweet Hearts") to her newborns. Her sister, Witch Winifred appears and places a curse on the babies ("Rock A Bye Bye Bye"). The evil spell vanishes each child into her own "fairy tale" world, to grow up unaware of who they really are, until they find true love simultaneously, as the words "Rapunzarella White" are spoken aloud three times. Time rushes on ("Oy Vey Reprise") and the grown-up princesses have their own problems to deal with ("Woe Is Me.") Each girl dreams of a handsome prince to help them escape from their miserable lives.


Meanwhile, in the kingdom next door, a very vexed King Rosenbutter preps his three Princes to venture into the world to find wives ("You Are Rosenbutters.") Prince Beau arrives at the tower where Witch Winifred has Rapunzel confined and he hears Rapunzel sing ("This Life Is For The Birds.") It's love at first sight. Beau hatches a rescue mission ("My Heart Has Wings.") The dimwitted Burly Bob visits his mother, the estranged Queen Rhoda, enjoying her new found freedom ("Free Yesserie.")  She promises to throw Burly Bob a ball to help him find his bride. 


In the woods, Witch Winifred, in disguise, tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple ("Never Talk To Strangers"). Snow White faints away, seemingly dead. Cinderella's step-mother and step-sisters receive invitations to Burly Bob's ball, but they forbid Cinderella to attend ("Nothing But A Klutz.") Beau returns to Rapunzel, scales the tower and declares his love, ("My Heart Has Wings Reprise.") Cinderella is visited by her "Fairy God-Brother" Syd, who gives her a magical makeover and gets her to the ball.  She meets Burly Bob and sparks fly, but Cinderella must leave before midnight.  At the stroke of twelve, she dashes away, leaving Burly Bob with only her glass shoe.


Barry comes upon Herschel guarding Snow White in a deep, enchanted slumber. Barry wakes her with a kiss and she pledges herself to him under one condition ("Please Don't Feed Me Apples.") After visiting almost every house in the kingdom, Burly Bob arrives at Cinderella's house with her shoe and is reunited with his true love ("A Perfect Me And You.")


At Rosenbutter's castle, each prince calls for "Rapunzarella White!" The spell is broken and Millicent is reunited with her girls. Millicent and Winifred forgive each other and become loving sisters again, ("Sweet Hearts.") Hershel performs all three weddings ("Love Is All") and they all live happily every after!

All rights reserved by June Rachelson- Ospa and Daniel Neiden

© 2014 Proudly created by Visual Music Ink

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